Born in Florida, raised in Texas, and educated in Washington, DC, I think I’ve seen a pretty good portion of America. My first plane ride took me to New York when I was almost too young to remember, and with family scattered from coast to coast, I travel domestically fairly frequently.


But that’s not a very impressive graphic. Just looking at land mass, it’s clear I haven’t done my due diligence as an American traveler. So although most of my upcoming trips will be international, I plan to work my way through the rest of the USA over the next few years.

By August 2017, I had visited the following:

  • Florida where I was born
  • Texas where I’ve lived for fifteen years
  • Massachusetts 2009
  • Louisiana 2011
  • Tennessee 2016
  • California 2016 & 2017
  • New Jersey 2017
  • Rhode Island 2017
  • Virginia because I go to school in DC
  • Maryland ditto
  • Ohio where my aunt and uncle live
  • New York basically every month
  • Connecticut ditto

My first international journey was in 2016, when I spent 5 weeks in Tarragona, Spain, as an au pair. It was an experience which I will never forget, and one that sparked what has become a lifelong passion for travel. Since then, I’ve spent a few days in downtown Cancún, Mexico, and just returned to DC from a study abroad in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Join me as I explore my world the only way I know how – with an open mind and a dangerously small bank account.